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Saturday, November 20, 2010


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When you watch classic movies that show 1800s Europe, you see the actresses donning elegant corseted outfits. Then when those actresses are asked about their outfits, you commonly hear, "I couldn't breathe in it." This is because they wore very tight corsets. Women wanted to flaunt their shapes because men loved the look. I understand that corsets are flattering on women, giving them the hour-glass shape that most men love or as some people say, the "figure eight" shape. But as they say, to achieve beauty can be painful. Ladies usually need help when wearing a traditional corset because it is designed to be tight in order to achieve an hour-glass shape. What surprises me is that people hardly raise the health problems that may arise from wearing such pain-causing outfit. I was surprised to learn that even in the 1500s, Catherine de' Medici banned thick waists from court attendance. Who the heck is she you may ask? Well, she was the wife of the King of France. Given the era, I guess she had the right to make such a decision. I am glad that designers of the 21st century have come up with body-friendly corsets that won't kill you before you flaunt your figure.

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