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Monday, August 1, 2011

Neck Ring

I came across one of the most controversial blogger's blog, Perez, and something caught me by surprise. The 'Neck Ring' is coming back. In one of the many encyclopedias I have had as a child, I came across a photo that once terrified me. It was a photo with ladies that had interesting long necks. They certainly weren't born that way. How was this achieved? Well, as young growing girls, this girls had neck rings worn on their necks. These neck rings spiral around the neck and cover the whole neck, leaving no gap. I honestly thought the neck grew longer as it appears so when you look at it, but researchers say the shoulder blade becomes deformed, allowing the neck to appear longer. But I believe the neck actually stretches because the length definitely looked abnormal to me. This neck stretching practice is done in some African and Asian cultures as a sign of beauty. I had a disturbing thought about what happens when the bangles are removed. Is the neck strong enough to carry the weight of the head? It's been reported that though the neck muscles become weaker, there is no major health hazard caused by the neck ring.

My interest in fashion covers the knowledge that lengthening the neck is considered attractive. Photographers encourage it when taking pictures of models. But why do we do crazy things for the sake of what we think is beautiful? Shouldn't we be moving forward and acting like people in the 21st century instead of taking part in archaic practices?

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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