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Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer in New England


Using the famous tune of "The Sound of Music's" Favorite Things, sing using the lyrics below for the first line:

Short skirt and cropped tops are my favorite clothing...

This is the tune I felt most girls in the city of Boston had in their heads and the guys were certainly not complaining. Boston has been known to be one of the cities in the US where individuals care about fitness. And they do not fail to flaunt the results in the summer. Sometimes you forget which country Boston is situated in because of the style to which people approach dressing. So European! Yet some Africans and Indians indulge in color and taste. The architecture which imitates old England gives off the expectation of retro-styled individuals coming out of tea shops. Yes, you will find them in the musicians and Actors of Emerson College. Tourists from all over the world, mixing the reserved, yet tattered or glamorous looks with the geeky yet smooth look of the MIT students are a wonderful sight. I delight in taking train rides and walking on the streets like an amateur photographer in the streets of New York looking for the next big wonder shot. Boston has never disappointed when it comes to engaging my mind in art. Newbury street, one of my most adorable spots, is a street I bask in wonderment for all the mixed individualities of human approach to culture. Looks can be deceitful. The wealthy may take up the tattered look and the not-so-wealthy may take up the pearly look. I love Boston for the arty cravings it suppresses in my mind. I love Boston for the city it is. I love Boston for the city it is striving to become. And I love Boston for the city it will become.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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  1. Oh yes! New England is what's up! I lived in Boston for a couple of months and YES Newbury is always a place to be for a good old time hangout. I love the archaic style of Boston, but modernization is beginning to dawn on this city now. For those who haven't visited NE, Boston is the right place. Never a dull moment in that city. Hopping from the blue line to the green, and orange line is so much fun...lol...People always say going to Vegas and NY is costly. Well, I can also say the same for Boston. Sure you know what I mean fans...YKW


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