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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Age is Just a Number

I heard a story about a girl that once suffered grief due to a loss of someone special and literarily froze on that day she had the shock. She did not age. Her mindset was stuck in that moment and she looked the same for a while. Now, do you think our thoughts, emotions, and well being reflect in our appearance?  I'm sure we have seen some people who do not look their age. How do they live? What do they do differently?  Thoughts like this can make us do things to make us look younger and end up worse off. We should be asking ourselves how sure we are of how people should look at a certain age. I think this is where we make the mistake. We compare the looks of people of the same age and shower praises on them for looking like babies. We get curious and want to find out what they do differently so as to copy with the hope of being young. How about trying to live life to the fullest and satisfy our minds instead of our appearances. How about trying to strive to achieve something that we think is impossible. I came across a video of the oldest body builder. She is seventy four for crying out loud. But she didn't let the number of years, her appearance, or unbelievers stop her from achieving what she wanted to achieve. Age is just a number and we should not let this number become an excuse to tamper with our appearance or stop us from trying new things. If someone says you cannot do something or become something at a certain age, make it a priority to prove that person wrong.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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