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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back in Time

Who has the right to tell people not to revisit the closets of history and bring back to life the fashion of our fathers and mothers? I believe the answer is no one. Just as our parents took a liking to their outfits and accessories, their children are likely to take a liking to these items as well. Yes some things become obsolete, but other things become antique and more cherished. I personally take a liking to old jewelries and a put together look of the olden days. I may not like a skirt or shirt but I find that same skirt or shirt more fascinating if it is involved in a complete look. I ask why a certain color or style was chosen and why certain accessories were combined with the outfit. I like the overall picture of it. I look at photos of my mum when she was young and I get blown away by the outfits of her time and how so many details such as colors, blocks and lines were paid attention to. That's why I have special interest in individuals that go back in time with the way they put together their looks. The fancy lace, corsets, hats, gloves, clip on earrings, two inch cover shoes, flare pants, ruffled shirts, boxy dresses and coats, A-line skirts and so on. See the photos below of Carolyn. Through Carolyn's photos, you can tell immediately that she has a special place for thrift stores, which can provide you with unimaginable allures and glamor of those days many a times. In my own words, let's go back to when we sat with perfect postures and dressed elegantly.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor; Carolyn M - Model)


  1. Ah thanks for the feature, I think it looks great! I can't say you have too many pictures - half the time I overload my readers with many photograpghs as well. :)

    Vintage forever!

  2. Ha! LOVE it, Em. Vintage truly rocks. It's really nice to see ppl who can pull them off and are not scared to challenge the current convention. Carolyn's style is really good. Nice blog.

  3. I agree with you Debbie. It also depends on how you funkify the style. Bringing the TRADITIONAL vintage style into the current convention is another story entirely. lol... But incorporating it into the modern style is what rocks! YKW

  4. Carolyne's got a great sense of style. Each one of her looks is immaculate.


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