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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ma Jeans II

We all like to hope that when we buy clothing of any kind, it will flatter our body-type. Some people tend not to be satisfied with what they see in the mirror of their dressing rooms. "If I start running or if I do without that fried chicken, maybe I could lose this handle." Well sometimes it doesn't take losing the handle to get the right fit. It takes paying attention to your body type and trying out different kinds of styles and choosing the style that doesn't make you think twice about going outside for a walk. Basically, you have to be comfortable and free.

A yahoo article just mentioned that Justin Bieber wears women pants. He explained that they fit. I will wear guy pants if they hug me in the right places. So let's talk about Jeans. How often do you see some ladies in their pair of Jeans and think "Oh my gosh! What were they thinking?" That happens more often than you can imagine because Jeans is a common type of pant that everyone has. Now do they have the right ones? Not necessarily. There are the washed out ones; the distressed ones; the too-tight ones; the baggy ones; the I'm-a-panty hose-but-you-can-call-me-Jeans-cos-I-look-like-Jeans ones. Sometimes it takes a stylist to get you the right pair of Jeans but my advice here is to pay attention to what you're buying and not just buy it for the sake of having it. If you cannot afford a stylist, there are YouTube videos that can help. I found this video for you guys to see what I mean.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor; Video - lookgoodnaked)

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