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Friday, September 9, 2011

Vampire 2 Love II (Let Me In)


It is not the end of the Vampire craze. Shows that feature Vamps are doing well and new ones are being made.
What is this obsession we are having with Vampires? You look around you and most new movies, shows, books, fashion, and music has something to do with the Vampire legend. Gone are the days when Vampires were huge bats that changed into humans or pale guys that wore red and black capes with Romanian accents. These days, we have the Edwards, Stefans, Damons, and the Bills and what do they have in common? They are good looking and look like models in A&F pair of jeans and H&M jackets. What a turn of events! The appeal of Vampires are that they are dangerous, mysterious, and strong but it's puzzling that we forget they are the "undead." Shouldn't that be creepy?

And these Vampires now have love interests that they try not to hurt. They have emotions that suppress their ultimate hunger for blood. I think this is interesting. Oh and by the way, Vampires can be "Vegetarians" too because they have a longing to live amongst humans and would love to go undetected so they take animal blood instead of human blood. I thought Vampires used to enjoy the fact that they were scary and did not give a hoot if humans knew they existed or not. The fact was that they owned the night and they loved the "monsters in the night thing."

I was surprised when I learned that someone who originally hated vampires and would support the "buffys" any day, changed his mind because of a movie called "Let Me In." I'm curious about this movie and how it made my friend accept that not all vampires deserve to be staked. So are humans now accepting vampires because they are going soft on humans? I bet Count Dracula is not happy about this evolving Vampire types.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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