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Friday, January 27, 2012

Vera's Gown


If you asked me why I thought I would love a wedding gown by Vera Wang, the honest answer would be I really do not know. It's definitely not the price because one would have to pay through their nose to get her masterpiece. It may be the unique details she adds to her gowns and the result of sheer brand and how priceless one feels when it is put on. Ask me if I've ever tried one. The answer is no! Then how do I know the feeling that comes with wearing a Vera Wang piece? Well, it is through observing those who wear them or those who talk about them or those who long to touch them. For such an upscale fashion designer like Vera Wang, if I was left to imagine the kind of person she is, I would come up with a cheerful Asian lady who dresses in retro-style laced clothing; mostly off-white fabrics looking doll-like. Well my imagination is far from the mark. I can say Vera Wang likes black. Maybe she tries colors sometimes but I have never seen her wear anything with color. She never dresses her age too. Infact you see her and think of model/designer because of her stature and demeanor. I can say in the world of fashion, Vera Wang has distinguished herself and has a niche that would be hard to separate from her name. I commend her for how highly her name is placed in the fashion industry. When you overhear someone talk about wanting a Vera Wang gown, know that it is going to be extraordinary but wouldn't come cheap. 

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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