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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bare for Dance


Dance is one of the coolest things man got right, in my opinion. It can be easy movements or difficult to impossible movements. I'm always interested in any form of dance I see because I almost always get blown away. Some dances have specific outfits because of the need for ease of movement or for enhancing movement. These days though I notice that for the ladies, the outfits are getting skimpier and skimpier regardless of the need for ease of movement. Is it necessary? I noticed that it sometimes is, because dance choreographers do more than choreograph lines or movements. They try to tell stories. Sometimes the outfits play a big role relaying the story. I saw an older friend's year book and some of her cheerleader outfits. I have to say the length has since reduced from her time. I understand the need for shorter skirts since the girls do splits and other acrobatic moves that won't work in longer outfits. But ballroom attire, can I just say sometimes they wear next to nothing? It gets distracting and this makes me wonder if the idea is to focus on the dance at all. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of some of the dance attires because they are always one of a kind and not something you would see someone wearing everyday. The added designs that help flatter the movement of the dance is one thing that designers, who make dance outfits tend to do well. They add frills that shake when the dancer shakes; sequins or other shiny element that play with the light in the ball room. I can understand the shiny element they add to the dance wear but sometimes I think it's over the top. There are some dances that the outfits are not skimpy like Flamenco and some traditional dances that make use of  added accessories to add a nice flavor to the dance. What about ballerinas? Their sultry outfits reflect the emotion and smoothness ballet conveys but sometimes I think the tights for the guys should be re-designed because they expose more than they really should. The dance bares and exposes more than their skin, making them seem vulnerable. I would like to ask the designers if that's what they are going for when they design the outfits.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)


  1. Sometimes, I guess they are going for vulnerability but sometimes, they might simply be going straight for sex appeal. Like you said each dance has a story and sometimes, that's the story.I have to say that after watching the show dancing with the stars for many years, I've become immune to skimpy outfits as there are soooooo many of them. Also with some dances, I find that I don't even notice what they are wearing because the dance was just that powerful. -Dee

  2. I totally agree with you about how the dances make you forget what they have on. Sometimes it's only when they have malfunctions that some people notice the outfits. I guess I notice it before they begin any performance because I try to see how their dressing relate to the set, music,dance moves etc.


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