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Monday, May 27, 2013

"I Created That Shoe With A 3-D Printer"

By Marieka Ratsma

Everyone knows the 'Big Bang Theory' show right? Ok, so the use of a 3-D printer caught my attention while watching one of the episodes of this show! I am not quite familiar with 3-D printers so I researched online what this printer is all about. I was taken aback by what I found!! It's been out since the 80s but in fashion, it's a new thing. I focused on the fashion side of things to see if designers made wearable clothing and accessories with 3-D printers and the answer was a big YES! I was drawn in by the creative ability the 3-D printer gives designers who are interested in using this technology to make designs on clothing and accessories. Since 3-D printers can print things made with plastic, metal, ceramic, and glass, now I'm questioning the role it plays in the production of fabrics. It was a relief to learn that materials such as nylon could be printed too. 3-D printing may seem like a lazy approach to making fashionable items, but it's not true. The designers have to create the schematics of what they specifically want, build it digitally, and  then send it to the 3-D printer. Even when the 3-D printer completes it printing functions, there are other post-print work that must be done afterwards to bring out the vavavum style in a fabric. It can be anywhere from assembling to post-designing. The 3-D printer can also print on jewelry and shoes. Footwear designer, Janina Alleyne, has been known to create unique wearable shoes using the 3-D printer. Continuum Fashion also makes clothing with the 3-D printer. This is an exciting innovation in the world of fashion and I'm looking forward to seeing how the 3-D printer would evolve in years to come!

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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