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Monday, May 6, 2013


Sometimes I watch shows that are dated and get transported to that era in my imagination. I am fascinated by their fashion and often wonder what may have driven them to sew and wear garments of their time. Of course I think some ridiculous because of the styles and the difficulty they impose on the wearer. Then I ask myself if they fashion the clothing that way for a reason that is more than what the eyes sees. One thing I'm able to do is compare. We are well aware that styles are recycled, they come back. Maybe not exactly as they used to be but the similarities are evident. Though these similarities are capturing, I pay more attention to the differences. I ask myself why something was changed for another. Is it because in these modern times, more research has been done for what is more suitable to the times? Then sometimes I wonder if the difference in that garment is just something that was lifted from another garment? With this in mind, I tend to notice that, indeed, some things have been remade or improved. These details, though minor, may give the garment it's modern twist. It was as a result of paying attention to a TV show that made me realize that garments are not too different from what we have these days but they are getting less formal as the years go on. I found out that a majority of suit styles that men wear these days were casual clothing in the early 1900s, meanwhile what we call casual now is majorly jeans and T shirts. I wonder what would be casual clothing in decades to come. It's fascinating to learn I tell you.

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