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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sandals I recommend


Don't fail to check the insoles. We all want comfort all the way. These are the sandals I recommend for this season.

1) Wedge with a color that pops. Enhance your height and show those legs in short-shorts.

2) Ruffled nude-colored single-strapped sandals. Pair me with a dark-colored or long and short skirt prints.

3) Single-strapped heels. I go with almost everything you can think of from cropped to long pants; short to long skirts; and short to long dresses.

4) Gladiator sandals. I come back stronger and I look great with the high-low trend.

5) Subtle-colored single-strapped flats. Only above-the-knee to knee level clothing because I need to be noticed.

6) Multi-mixed heels. Choose a color from my mix and dress in that.

7) Better than Clogs. I do well with cotton dresses.

8) Better than flip-flops. Pair me with nudes and secondary colors.

9) Subdued-colored wedge. I can go casual and dressy in shorts, skirts and dresses.

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