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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

She is a Fan of Queen B

"I love, love, love, Beyonce! I eat, drink, and breathe Beyonce!!" This was how someone described her admiration for Beyonce and how much she was a fan of hers. When I heard this girl make that statement, I looked her over and she truly was a fan, maybe too much of a fan; border-lining stalkerish if she had a chance. First, the tattoo on that part of the body that houses the "tramp stamp" said, "Who Run The World? Gals." Yeah, no one could miss that tattoo because the owner wore the lowest-waist hip hugging pair of jeans I've ever seen with butt crack in full display. I wasn't sure how Beyonce-of-her that was but I was sure I'd seen Beyonce wear that kind of jeans in an Insider magazine photo. Then on her arm was another tattoo that said, "Blue Ivy God Mother." Umm okay so we have a declared godmother that Blue Ivy is yet to know. Solet's just say she passed on the jeans style but not so much the lyrical tattoo and the jeans size. Now let's talk about the weave she had. My goodness, that blond thing was long. Although it was well done, perfectly covering the sewn parts, the length and color gave away the fact that it was not natural. She passed the hair look too because it was "Beyonce blonde" and wavy all the way. Her tee shirt alone was enough to let us know that she was a fan of Beyonce's. It had a smiley Beyonce face and had a big "Queen B for Life" inscription on it. With her look, I thought she didn't have to justify to anyone because her whole persona gave her away. The only big fail, to me, was her loudness because we were lining up for coffee and I thought to myself, Beyonce wouldn't be too loud, or would she?

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