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Monday, June 10, 2013

Dress the Not-Long-Enough

I would love online shopping if I was sure I could get the perfect fit for anything I tried on. It takes a while to find my perfect fit when I go to stores because I guess I'm oddly built or the designers are narrow-minded. I'm tall and when I find pants, skirts or dresses that are long enough, they usually are much bigger. My perfect size of clothing is always too short. I end up wearing skimpy things and guess what, everyone always thinks it's planned. On rare shopping days when the clothing gods take pity on me, I find my perfect fit. It always turns out to be just one; one pair of pants or one lovely skirt or one amazing dress. I always find this rare gem in odd parts of a store I rarely or frequently visit. Sometimes, that particular clothing does not belong in the rack where it is found. That's why I believe something is up. Although, I purchase it with a big smile on my face. Okay, now I say to myself, maybe I should try customizing online or read reviews from other customers for help. Customizing has worked out in the pants department because I have tried it. Then recently I stumbled upon a dress that I loved almost immediately. My size was available but I wasn't sure of the length. If I purchase a long dress, I would like it on my ankle just like any other girl. I read the description which mentioned that the model used was 5ft 10" tall and the dress looked as though it was still too long for her. Sure enough I was excited. I'm just one inch taller than her, I rejoiced. I placed my order. My dress finally arrived and I put it on. Um, it fit perfectly but guess what? It was way shorter than I had expected. I was so disappointed that I almost wanted to slam the site for false advertisement because I am sure of how tall I am. But I liked the dress so much that I was willing to make it work. That's me in it in that photo and I don't care anymore if it's a little too short. I paired it with a pair of sandals that is simple. A pair of covered shoes would make the outfit stumpy and even the vibrant colors won't help. If you find yourself in this situation, pair the dress with an effortless-looking pair of sandals.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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