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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Pulp

So I caught my bus at 6:37am to head to the train station. This is how I commute to work. It's been a hot week and this is going to be the third day with a high of 90 degrees. I was so ready for today but I felt I was under-dressed for work. "It will be overlooked," I thought as I dressed up. I chose a black and white print cotton dress and since it was too short, I paired it with grey tights. My hair in my trade mark fro, slightly away from my neck with the help of a black scarf (I wouldn't be able to stand my hair touching my neck in this heat). Blue and white sandals and my black work bag and I skipped to my bus stop. Through out the ride to the train station, I just kept tweeting about my distaste for the extreme hot weather and how I couldn't wait to get a large cup of coffee (Like anyone cares!). I checked emails and particularly liked the one about competing for miss Nigeria but guess what, it aint happening. I caught my train and continued with my phone hugging my fingers, this time, admiring pics of Dwyane Wade on Instagram (shhh don't tell). I got to my stop and all I had to do was work to the road and cross over to my place of work. The light for pedestrian crossing was already counting down and I needed to cross the road quickly. I crossed half way and realized the light had turned red. Should I cross now, or shouldn't I? I wanted to make sure that the cars haven't started moving so I could make a run for it. Then comes voices from the vehicle right in front of me, "Excuse me, excuse me." I thought they were going to ask for directions so I stopped to listen to them while thinking that I was the worst person to ask directions. "Wow, you just made our morning lovelier...looking greatest!" Yes I caught the wrong choice of word there but I guess I understood what they meant so I wasn't bothered. "Thank you," I replied. While trying to decide if I should still cross the last leg of the road. "You should  be on the advertisement there," one of them pointed to the large bill board ahead. Of course I was flattered. In fact, I could feel my fro growing bigger. "Thanks," I replied and I decided they weren't going to drive any time soon and I crossed. Then I heard them shout, "Be careful!" Startled, I stopped and a speeding vehicle wooshed past me. Phew! But I was still smiling though and I crossed afterwards. I began to wonder how I would have felt if I got hit by a car because of compliments. I'm sure at that speed the car took I wouldn't have lived to know how I would have felt. Maybe the title I chose for this blog post isn't clever after all but yey I'm alive and happy!

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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