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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Twerkable Wear

Apparently the sag should give enough room for the shake

I know you guys are like, “Emem, seriously, you too?” Yes me too. I’m sorry, as long as we are all hating on Miley because of her VMA performance, we are all fueling her fame. My goodness she is the biggest topic right now, even while something horrible is brewing between the US and Syria. Shouldn't that be the biggest news in town? No. Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus' twerking habit is. Twerking has been said to be done so much that people are expecting it to be dead soon. Yes, but I’m seeing sites that are beginning to refer their clothing as “twerkable.” Umm for real? They have sewn something special for you because they don’t want you wearing Miley’s nude underwear style while twerking. Until I stop hearing the word, “twerk,” twerking is not dead yet. If you may attempt to dance it, why not jump on this bandwagon and buy the twerkable outfit?

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