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Thursday, June 30, 2016

When Fans Bet on Your Relationship

Don't roll your eyes in irritation. This is an interesting news considering that Taylor Swift has one of the largest loyal fan bases out there. I was one of those who heard of her whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston just after breaking up with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, of over a year. I was also one of those who, after seeing some romantic photos, hoped that it was a music video shoot. However, that didn't seem to be the case. Fast forward, photos have surface of Taylor Swift meeting Tom Hiddleston's mom. While this is supposed to be an aww-appropriate moment, the timing is weird. Maybe these days, people take you home to meet the parents within a few weeks of dating. Hmm, anyway, that is not my concern. My reason for writing this post is fans of Taylor also feel weird about the relationship and are betting on how long it would last. Sad, right? One would think they'd be in support of her no matter what. After all, her dating life is no news. She sings about it.

So what is it about this relationship that gives them a bitter taste? It can't be Tom Hiddleston, can it? He's a charmer and just last week, people were congratulating Taylor on her supposedly good choice. Is it because there is an actual chance of this relationship working out no natter how fast-paced it seems? Taylor's latest ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, has gotten enough flack because of her new romance, citing him as jealous and a sore loser. Tom Hiddleston is now getting flack for being an opportunist, using Taylor for his status. I thought Tom was a leading man in his own right and didn't need a career boost, but I guess I'm rusty in my celebrity popularity knowledge. While I'm frowning against the bet, I think Taylor's dating history and her inability to stay under the radar with her relationships are the causes of it. But who are celebs if you don't talk about them, right? Good luck to both of them.

(ukoemem - Author; Ola Y - Editor)

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